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My latest CD Seasons Of Change is now released and available to purchase for digital download:

If you prefer a physical CD, please contact me


Here is one of the songs from the CD (Swedish version):



awI’m involved in a project called ”Singing Bible Verses” with Authentic Worship in Hong Kong with Laszlo Kings and Toby Frisk, with the goal to teach people memorize the Word of God by music. We have been ministered by these songs in places such Hong Kong, Uganda, Kenya, Sweden and we continully hear reports of how people got the Word of God in their hearts and amazing things starts to happen.

A well known and respected old prophet in Sweden (Roger Larson) said after a concert/service: This is what I waited for and prayed for all of my life and finally I have seen it!

You can order your CD, free of charge, here (I’m the singer on the English and Swedish CD versions that also serves as model for many other language versions):