Who I am

As the years passed by I began to see how God used me in the areas of song and music. I was a soloist at various conferences, concerts and on television programs. I was also involved as the worship leader at a church and held the position of Dean at their School of Music.

el-hksI spent several years in Israel with my family, and I look back on these varied parts of my life with tremendous gratitude. I have seen God’s faithfulnss over and over, I know that His Word is true and dependable.

However,….now is not the time to only look to the past! We are living in a unique time, a time when we must take God’s call on our lives very seriously. We must run like never before with the fire of God burning in our hearts.

I believe that each one of us has a divine calling and a mission. We must purpose in our hearts to be true to His call. The Messiah, Jesus Christ, will soon return.
The call has been sent forth and the mission is great, but we have been placed here for such a timeas this!