Shanghai, China – February 2016

In Shanghai, China right now with my husband Curt and my producer/musician Toby Frisk. We have 4 different concerts at ICS Church Shanghai: One at a youth group, one at a business women group and two at ICS Church. Here what Sandra, youth pastor for the youth group had to say after our concert at the youth group.

Uppsala, February 13, 2016 – Prophetic Worship Service


February 13th was a 7 hour non-stop Worship Service at the Baptist Church (Baptistkyrkan) in Uppsala, Sweden. There were many different singers and musicians leading worship, some from the local area of Uppsala and some from different parts of Sweden. It was amazing with many different expressions of prophetic worship and still a spirit of the unity that comes by an authentic hunger of more of Jesus.

Myself and my producer/musician Toby Frisk participated, singing some of my songs. But as usual at this kind of prophetic worship services we very soon had to give up the song list and just go with the flow ministering in the prophetic ram by music.