My Radio Program

My first radioprogram ” In My Living Room”, was sent February 7 2017 on ”Sveriges Kristna Radio”, and will continue every Tuesday 9.00 am and 9.15 pm. It´s interesting to challenge your self into something new. I´m reading from my blog and also playing my music.

Williamsburg, USA

Such a wonderful blessing! I went to to USA October 24 – November 8 2016, with my husband and our dear friends Toby and Maria Frisk. Toby is my musician who I have been working with for many years now, but we had never done what we now planned to do: Sit down together and work with new music! Where do we start and how do we do this…? Well, 15 songs came up during these two weeks and we are so amazed to see what came forth. Some of the lyrics aren`t finished yet, but I hope we can continue with the project and also record it.



Ladies Afternoon Tea

So wonderful to meet new and old friends! In the summer 2016, I started to invite people to our home. We are having Swedish ”fika” and wonderful fellowship. It´s so great to see Gods presence among us when we also sing together and praise his name. We are so encouraged!! This is something I will continue with and I also see the great need for it.